Integrated Care Model

At Ellis Park Medical we are proud to provide a unique, fully integrated approach to your healthcare. We have gone to great lengths to guarantee excellent continuity within the team. Our circle of care includes all of the practitioners at the clinic.  In order to provide this seamless care, pertinent medical information is shared by practitioners, who are all bound by strict confidentiality regulations. Rest assured, that at Ellis Park Medical, your health and privacy are our utmost priority. 


Patient Enrolment and Accessibility

Becoming a rostered patient at Ellis Park Medical establishes a sustained and ongoing care relationship between us and you.  Although you will have an assigned physician, we practice a team model of medicine, and all of our physicians will have access to your chart and prior results to ensure continuity.

We aim to provide timely access to high quality care at the clinic, minimizing any need for walk in clinic use. To achieve this goal, we are pleased to provide you with a number of booking options. At Ellis Park we offer both appointments for routine visits that you can book as far as three months in advance, as well as daily urgent care visits that can be booked same day.  We encourage you to use the patient portal to access our online bookings option as this will provide a seamless, timely manner of booking visits. Please note that ‘same day’ slots are to be reserved for urgent issues that cannot wait until the next business day. 


Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours’ notice for cancelled routine appointments with any of our practitioners. If you miss an appointment or cancel with insufficient notice, you will be billed the cost of the visit. 


Patient Code of Conduct

“Be nice, not mean” 
-Levi Linder, age 4


At Ellis Park Medical, it is very important for us to create a welcoming and safe environment for all our patients. As such, we ask that anyone attending the clinic behave in a respectful manner toward staff and fellow patrons at all times. 

Please note, that if behaviour is determined to be at odds with this philosophy, we reserve the right to recommend that you seek care elsewhere. 


General Clinic Policies

*Clinic is a scent-free area; please refrain from any scented perfumes/sprays etc

*No pets allowed on premises unless animal is a guide/hearing/service animal